We live social responsibility!


Environment friendly

Our tyre brands fulfil the highest demands and conserve at the same time the the environment without sacrificing performance.

We thank our suppliers who achieve with their highly developed production this balance between safety, technique, long life span and environmental technology.



The facts: If we compare the remoulding with new tyre production, 50% less energy is needed for the production and 80% less water. About 70 % less raw oil is needed for remoulded tyres compared to new tyres. This means that only 26 Liters of raw oil is needed while new tyres need 83 Liters which is more than three times the amount.

The output of CO2 is reduced to about 30% compared to new tyres.

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Economical and Environmental

The sustainable and economical use of natural resources is the basis of our remoulded tyre brands. Mind you, the economic factor is for us and our customers of great importance. Through the recycling , actually the rebirth of used tyres it is not only for the environment a significant alternative but also economical and environmentally valuable.
The customer directly profits in the form of money and the environment profits through saving natural resources. The remoulded tyres are the clever choice.