The legal regulations are established in §36STVZO as well as the guideline for a uniform tyre labelling.

It states:
Tyres, meant are air filled tyres for cars with a speed of more than 40km/h, must have the following label plus those of the manufacturer or trademark

• Width of the tyre
• Type of tyre
• Diameter of the wheel rim
• Load Index
• Speed Index
• if it applies: TUBELESS, M * S, (M&S, M.S.), REINFORCED
• Date of production

Example: 225/60 R 15 96 W

• 225 width of the tyre in mm
• 60 proportion of height to width in percent
• R indicates the type of tyre ( e.g. radial)
• 15 Diameter of the wheel rim in inches
• 96 indicates the weight bearing capacity of the tyre
• W indicates for what speed the tyre was made for (W=270km/h)

The week the tyre was completed, the year and hereby the age of the tyre can be determined. The letters DOT mean that the USA law has been complied with.
(DOT stands for Department of Transportation. This fulfils the requirements under the USA la  FMVSS 119).

The DOT number is four digit. The first two indicate the week of production the last two digits the year of production.

Therefore, 3609 means the tyre was produced in the 36th week of the calendar and in 2009, Winter and all year tyres are referred to with M + S .

Remoulded tyres must be labelled with “retread”,”retreaded” or “runderneuert”.