The tyre producer has its factory premises in Anagni, about 50 km south of Rome.
The family business began with the tyre business right after the second Word War in 1946 right in the center of Rome. Mr Alberto Malatesta at first concentrated  on the repair of tyres and the sale of new and used tyres. A few years later he began with the remoulding. In 1968 he moved to the outskirts of Rome. In this 2.000 sq m large factory allowed an increase in production and the use of additional capacities.

In 1990 a new company was founded, the present MALATESTA SUD Srl. This way additional production capacities were built in Agnani for the remoulding.

The third generation runs the company MALTATESTA SUD Srl and is in charge of a wide assortment of remoulded tyres:
• car tyres (winter and summer)
• small transporter
• trucks
• forklift
• rally and autocross

MALTATESTA  gives tyres a second life with all the advantages of new tyres with regards to safety and reliability.
This family business has shown for decades that responsibility for the environment is of utmost importance long before the slogan “environmental protection” was coined.

The company not only reduced the scraps of rubber  which accumulated during production but also incorporated them into the production cycle again. It takes 100 years before tyres are completely biologically decomposed.

Remoulding is for MALTATESTA a must when it comes to doing their share for environmental protection and climate change. This sustainable development is an important scenario for companies who want to engage in the protection of the environment.

Development does not automatically mean growth but improvement of capabilities and to fulfil human needs, but to pass it on to the community.

The term sustainability does not only mean to pass on present knowledge onto the next generation, but to give future generations the same chances and to maintain the same living conditions as generations before have had.

This philosophy demands a permanent effort in order to achieve a sensible economical, environmental and social balance. The Italian producer MALTATESTA is continually committed to produce for our customers tyres without neglecting important aspects of safety and driving comfort. That is why the tyres from Maltatesta are certified and authorized for the European market.

As of the 13th of September 2006 all tyres must be in accordance with the European Norm ECE Nr 108109. The company Maltatesta has been producing according to the ECE 108 109 since as early as 2001. The European Norm ECE 108 for cars and 109 for trucks have been for more than 10 years permanently production certified for our supplier Maltatesta.

Having been given this European award only confirms for our customers that the tyres are comparable to new tyres. The company also has the certification in quality management and production processes according to ISO  EN 9001/2000.

This certification was already achieved in 1993. Consequently, Maltatesta must follow the same strict controls in lab tests as new tyres.

Geprüfte Qualität

PastedGraphic-2Der TÜV-Nord blickt bereits auf eine über 100-jährigen Geschichte zurück. Diese Erfahrung bildet die Basis für die Beratung, Überprüfung und Zertifizierung von Gütern und Waren. Im Fokus des TÜV-Nord steht vor allem die Sicherheit, Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit für die Verbraucher.

TÜV Nord zertifizierte Produkte werden fortwährend getestet und dadurch als Qualitativ hochwertig eingestuft. Die runderneuerten Reifen durchlaufen einem Testgelände einer Vielzahl an Prüfungen, welche teilweise noch strenger sind als die für Neureifen.

Das Qualitätssiegel des TÜV Nord belegt daher, dass die runderneuerten Reifen über den gesetzlichen Qualitäts-Anforderungen liegen.