Guaranteed safety

Safety is not only for the customer of great importance: the constant safety and quality controls also help the producer with the further development of his products and thereby guarantees a high product and production quality.
This way a substantial product advantage can be obtained compared to other suppliers of remoulded tyres.

The results of these continued product test through independent as well as objective test labs is of a high standard which guarantees the users a maximum of safety and excellent quality.

Do you trust the safety of the flight industry?

In no other area are the safety and quality regulations so high as in aviation. Thousands of airplanes lift off and land world wide with remoulded tires.

With landing speed up to 350 km/h and a total weight of up to 500 tons means that a high degree of trust is in the technology and quality of the tyres.

Airplane tyres are remoulded up to 12 times and international airlines have trusted them for years.


Safety is not only for the user of great importance: constant safety and quality control help the producer in the development of his products and thereby guarantees the certainty of a high quality product and production quality.
As said before, this gives a definite product advantage compared to other suppliers.

Remoulded tyres have shown their quality and dependability in the classic Rally – Sport.

The Italian brand name “Malatesta” produces tyres which are used by the well known Scandinavian racing car driver Magda Anderson from Sweden.